Friday, March 22, 2013

Becoming a Mom of Two

Jesse and I had a dream. Our dream came true when Elise was born. We talked about having a little girl on day and naming her Elise even back while we were still dating.

So far, she has been a little dream baby too. She is easy to take care of, she nurses well and sleeps well as long as she is super close to me. Sometimes this closeness isn't easily achieved when #1 is running around and has been potty training. He is a very well behaved two year old, in my humble opinion, but still needs to be chased down and taken by the hand most days.

Last week was my first week alone at home with the two of them and it went better than I thought. I was anticipating both of them screaming at me, at the same time all day until Dad came home. I did have a few weak moments (read: moments when I needed to walk away take a deep breaths) but we are really getting into the groove now that I've learned to let things slide. Huh? Like what?

I was majorly stressed out about how tidy things were at home. I'm not a neat freak, but I like everything to be in its place... Or is that the definition of a neat freak? Anyway, I was neglecting more important things like creatively engaging our toddler and resting for constantly tidying... And that's what it means to have a toddler in your home: constantly tidying. I had a really great chat with my mom about it. I admitted to her that ironically it was her voice that I heard in my head saying "a place for everything and everything in its place", so I was a bit surprised but even more affirmed when she said I need to let it go. In her experience of having four children in seven years, she too used to stress and over exert herself when it came to tidying. She said, "You're not going to regret not having a cleaner home, but you will regret not enjoying your children".

It really hit me... It is more important to play with my kids than to clean up after them. I realize the list is never ending and if I do the list I will be too late. They grow up so fast.

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