Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Rootbeer - Taste Test

Another fun family taste testing night at the De Winter's last night. We originally wanted to do this root beer taste testing in December, but we didn't get things together until last night.

I was really surprised how different all of them tasted from one a other! My personal favourite... Like by almost 3 full points more out of 10 was Henry Weinhard's. This was the same brand that won for our Cream Soda taste test. However, on average Henry Weinhard's didn't win!

Here are the results:

1. Blue Sky
2. Henry Weinhard's
3. MUG
4. Barq's
5. A & W
6. Real Brew

I'm still surprised! I should say, that it was a pretty close race, except for "Real Brew". It was really gross. Nobody liked it.

It was really fun to do a taste test again. We were a lot more easy going this time around. We got pretty intense during the milk chocolate taste test well, mostly I was the one who was intense last time... Haha.


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