Friday, November 30, 2012

Curtain Tieback Blooms - DIY

It has almost been a year now since we moved homes. It has taken me a long time to finish the curtains in my kitchen/dining room area. Moving from a very dark, one windowed basement suite, to a half above ground, bright, 5 windowed basement suite, we wanted to keep the light flowing throughout the main living area.

One of my goals in decorating the kitchen area, was to keep things fairly monochromatic (with pops of colour with the use of small objects), in a light colour palette so that the space would appear as large as possible. I wanted the curtains to be a feature, but not to overpower the space with a busy pattern or bold colour. I decided to use the same fabric I used for the curtains for the blooms so that I would be creating visual interest in a subtle way with texture.
What you will need for each tieback:

4 pieces of 6"x 12" sheer. lightweight fabric
72" of ribbon
clear nail polish

makes one 6" tieback bloom Instructions:

1. Lay all four layers on top of one another.

2. Fan fold along the width of the fabric pieces. Each fold should be about 1" wide.

3. Hold the bundle tightly by the middle.

4. With the other hand, bring the centre of the ribbon to the middle of the fabric bundle. Tie a double knot tightly around it.

5. Pull the layers apart from one another, fluffing them up to make the bloom.
6. Run a thin coat of clear nail polish to the ends of the ribbons to keep them from fraying.

7. Tie up your curtains and enjoy!

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