Monday, October 8, 2012

2nd Trimester Buddies

 I'm almost out of my second trimester now for my second time around. So far it HAS been the dreamy trimester that I've read about in pregnancy books and online helps. YAY! I have definitely not been as tired or nauseated, but sometimes it is still hard to stay motivated to stay positive with crazy hormones and an ever changing and GROWING body.

Here are some items I have found helpful during this time:

1. Lip Stain - By Benefit. Its a repeat item from my 1st trimester collage and its a goody for similar reasons. Instead of not needing to be concerned about smudges because of things coming out though, this time its not needing to be concerned about smudging lipstick when things are going in. It definitely helps fight the Frumpy Dumps like I mentioned in my post about the Maternity Style Dilemma. It helps to have a bit of makeup to enhance that maternal glow.

2. Stay Don't Stray - Eye Primer by Benefit. This stuff is amazing! With hormone levels escalating I've found that my skin is oilier than usual. The outcome is drudgey eye make-up by the end of the day. This product has really done what the title claims. It also has helped in the aid of covering up the redness of some pesky angry little zits that have popped up this trimester.

3. Brita Water Bottle - Is another repeat item from my 1st trimester collage. I have been busy this trimester making up for lost time from my first and in preparation for the third and ultimately baby time! With so much to do, its easy to forget something as essential as drinking water! This water bottle can be filled up anywhere and filters on the go since the filter is inside the bottle and works as you drink.

4. Maternity Pants - So I had two pairs of maternity jeggings that stretched out during my last pregnancy. In searching for ways to alter clothes for pregnancy I came across this wonderful blog called Cotton and Curls. She has regular feature articles on her maternity looks, how to alter or refashion clothes for maternity and non maternity and easy to follow free DIY's. I used her tutorial on how to tailor your trousers as a guide to alter my pants so that I could wear them again this time around. I just couldn't see spending more money again on something I am only going to wear for five more months! I am so glad we live in a blogger age where people can share such helpful information!

5. Sports Cross-over Bra - During this trimester the ladies grow, get heavier and need support, even at night. I have seen a lot of these bras marketed specifically for pregnant/nursing women, but they really are exactly the same as the ones you can find in the non maternity active wear sections of department stores for half the price. I got both my two cotton bras for $20 at the Bay. I will probably use them all through the nursing stage like I did the first time around. They really make a difference at nighttime at holding it all in while I thrash about, trying to find a comfy spot on our double bed.

6. Lavender and Tea Tree Essential oils - By Escents. Back to those pesky little zits... These two versatile oils do a number on them. I get a q-tip with a drop of each oil on it and dab those little suckers before bedtime. They usually dry up or at least shrink dramatically... even those "I hate you" underground hard ones that show up. Lavender aids in healing the skin, and Tea tree is a strong disinfectant, well they both are, but the combo rocks!

7. Stretch Mark Prevention Oil - By Escents. Prevention is the best treatment. I lathered my tummy up with this oil and I did still get some stretch marks, but probably not as bad as they could have been. What I WISH someone told me though, was to put it not just on the tummy, but the hips, thighs, lower back, and breasts!  This oil has super great ingredients: Evening Primrose Oil, Almond Oil, Mandarin and Lavender, and most importantly Vitamin E, help prevent scars before they appear.

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