Wednesday, October 24, 2012

24 weeks Mama Style

Its been super rainy here in the Lower Mainland, which is why I had to skip out on week 23! Here is week 24 though. All bundled up at the park.

Might have been just me, but when I was a little girl I had a pretty good appetite. Some people would even comment on it, "She's a growing girl." I kind of feel like that again since I am hungry almost all of the time right now.

I have also been nesting this week! Its kind of crazy because its seems really early to be baking, cooking and cleaning more than normal. It makes sense though. With my first pregnancy I felt like I couldn't do ANYTHING for the last couple month so maybe I'm just preparing for that happening again. Hopefully not. Hoping for the best this time around as the third trimester approaches.

Outfit Details:
- vintage coral coat - thrifted
- striped cream cami - Romy
- ultra light pink cardigan - Plenty
- spotted scarf - Esprit
- black rubber boots - Joe Fresh
- white belt - second hand

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