Wednesday, September 12, 2012

The Maternity Style Dilemma

A few posts ago I announced that we were going to have a second child! Well, as excited as I am about it, sometimes its hard to feel good about yourself while being pregnant. It might have SOMETHING to do with your hormones doing backflips, blowing chunks, being tired almost all of the time and hopefully not, but yes I do, worry about being ready for another baby.

It might seem petty, but one of the things I learned from last time is not to give into the frumpy dumps! You know? When you just don’t care how you look anymore and you want to just stay at home in your pjs, eat ice cream and watch Star Trek? Maybe its just me, but I’m sure I’m not the only one who has struggled with this, or a version of this.

I looked back at some of my maternity belly photos this week and realized that when I felt the best: had the most energy, felt the most optimistic and even excited about the future while being pregnant I also happened to have a cute outfit on. I also remember at the end feeling like I had no creativity left in me. That had something to do with it I’m sure.

These are a few of those outfits from my first pregnancy where I still feel good about two years later: 

19 weeks in my first pair of maternity pants from Thyme maternity. In the beginning of my first pregnancy I thought I could get away with wearing pre pregnancy pants with extenders and Bella Bands, but I got to a point early on when I just couldn't stand the feeling of having any restriction on my tummy. The were a definite life saver first time around, and I'm sure will be the second time too. 

25 weeks here! I loved my first pair of maternity jeggings so much, that I went back to Thyme and got the same ones in a dark denim colour. The rest of this outfit is from Urban Outfitters. I was glad to be able to find lots of long non maternity tops that definitely work for maternity. 

27 weeks here. Dark even wash jeggings by Thyme again. A bright non maternity top by Gentle Fawn and non maternity black blazer by Kensie (unbuttoned of course!). This is definitely the LAST picture of my pregnancy that I feel good about. Thats so sad to me now because pregnancy is and should be a time where I felt beautiful! I was growing another human being! Its a miracle. 

This time I have a plan to combat the Frumpy Dumps, among other things. One of the small ways I hope to keep myself aware is to upkeep this blog: including what I wore. I’ve always enjoyed fashion, so why not share it.

So far I think I’ve been doing okay... These are a few outfits I’ve worn so far in this pregnancy: 

13 weeks and barely a bump. Besides my hair, and the fit of the cardigan I like this look. I'm wearing a dress as a skirt here with the the straps tucked in. The dress was thrifted and I wore a simple white cami with it.

15 weeks along here. It was a hot day. I wore this refashioned lace dress over a white cami and slip skirt. Its pretty sheer if I don't. I added a simple thin black belt and black heels.

17 weeks and probably one of my favorite looks because you can barely tell I'm pregnant here, even though I am bigger than in week 15. I found this loose fitting dress at the Bay of all places. Department store WIN! Paired it with some statement jewellery from my PiecesIEnjoy line and presto!

It will probably get harder as the belly grows, but I’m up for the challenge! Hopefully I'll have some more maternity outfits to share in a few more weeks while the bump gets bigger, the weather gets colder, and my creativity gets harder to muster up!

Enjoy the rest of the summer!  

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