Thursday, September 6, 2012

Potted Plants in Ladies' Blouses

This last weekend I helped my mother decorate for a "Garden Tea Party" themed bridal shower for a dear family friend of our. We had these little potted flowers on every table but thought we could make the boring green pots cuter with a bit of love, fabric, buttons and do dads (that's a word, right?). I thought I would share how I did it.

- potted flowers from your local nursery
- unbleached/off white light weight fabric (I used about 1.5 meters for all of my 12 pots)
- glue gun and sticks
- 3" paper doilies, ribbons, buttons
- extra little bits to make each one unique like cameos, bits of chain, lace etc.

Here is how I did it:

1. I started with your regular tapered small green flower pot. First cut a long strip as wide as the height of your flower pots. 
2.Then wrap the fabric around a pot so that there is about one centimeter overlap at the widest part (it's almost like you are thinking of it as a cylinder rather than a tapered pot when you are cutting the fabric you need for one pot). I did one at a time since not all of m pots were exactly the same width. 
3. Hot glue the first edge straight down, starting from the top rim. Wrap fabric around and add a dot of hot glue to the back of the pot to hold the fabric securely down. 
4. Hot glue the last edge down overlapping the first edge. 
5. Pull and pinch the fabric on the bottom to make a gather. This will me an arm. Don't do it too much because you still need some for the other side. Hot glue the fold down and hold it until the glue has cooled enough to hold firm. 
6. Repeat step 5 with the other side. 
7. Fold a three inch doily in half. 
8. Cut as pictured to make two collars. 
9. Plan out the rest of the decoration on your work surface before you hot glue them onto your blouse.

It is fun to make all of the blouses different, but you could all do the same if you wanted, or if you didn't have a mad stash of crafty bit to pull from like I do.


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