Friday, September 14, 2012

My Matryoshka Doll Collection

The thing I enjoy the most about the best collections is that there is usually a story behind each piece.

When I was a little girl, my parents gave me my first Matryoshka doll for Christmas. I was thrilled! I played with my first set a lot and my mom decided that she liked the idea of giving one to me every year; and so my collection grew. When I was a teenager she stopped the tradition since she thought I was too old, but my collection kept growing because I had not and still have not grown out of it.

Today, I have 20 nesting dolls in my collection and there is a definite sentimental value in each one. Not all of them are Russian or Czech made, but they are all legit to me.

When we moved to North Delta I wanted a place where I could put them on display where I could see them because they were so special. My dear husband, Jesse helped me put up these white shelves in the kitchen.

I really can't say which one is my favorite. There really is a great story behind each one. Here are a few:

This one was given to me by my mother for completing a music theory test for the Royal Conservatory of music when I was young. I worked very hard studying for it and achieved with honors with distinction. This doll has the most number of dolls inside and is, in my opinion, one of the prettiest sets I have. 

Look how tiny it gets! How can I not like this set? There are 10 all together. 

I found this one myself when I was 16 traveling in France. It was a big deal to me that my parents allowed me, trusted me and supported me to go since it was with school and that I would be away from them for almost two weeks.

 This one was given to me from a missionary when I was about 13. He was visiting the church I used to attend sharing what he does with the congregation. He asked that when I saw it, it would remind me to pray for him and his family. It still does and I still do.

 I liked my collection so much as a girl, that I even fantasized about being proposed to with one of these dolls. I imagined opening the dolls up until at last, I would find an engagement ring! It didn't happen that way, but this doll IS from my husband. He gave it to me on our 5th wedding anniversary. It is traditional for the gift to be made of wood for that year. There also happens to be five dolls: one for each year we had been married. He got it from Russian World in Vancouver. What a thoughtful gift.

This collection is beautiful too. They came in handy this month when I helped my mom decorate for a "Garden Tea Party" themed bridal shower. I used my nesting doll collection, the Potted Plants in Ladies' Blouses, and a few old books to decorate each table. They worked so well because I could open them up and they filled the space well. I wish I could have done more, but I only had a half an hour to set up. They were special for the bride to be too since she also happens to have a nesting doll collection!

As precious as collections are, they need to be used and shared. If you have read this and you have a beautiful collection that is collecting dust somewhere: bring it out! Share it with the people you love and display it so you can enjoy it.


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