Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Crochet Lace Covered Rock - Build Your Home

I really like the combination of the delicate lace and the rough texture of rock in this project.

I made this lace covered rock for a wedding present this last week and painted "build your home" on the bottom to remind the couple to build their marriage on Jesus Christ.

To make your own lace covered rock, you can use any circular lace patten to start. Crochet the rounds flat until it covers up until the edge of the rock. Once the lace covers the top, you decrease the stitches quickly to make the lace stretch tightly over the rock. Or you can follow my pattern below. I'll also explain how to decrease stitches to get the lace snugly around the rock.

What you will need:
- #1 size crochet hook
- washed and smooth rock
- white or ivory crochet cotton 
- acrylic white paint (optional)
- small paint brush (optional) 

You don't need very much yarn but it all depends on how big your rock is. I used about 1/8 of a 1 lb ball.

Pattern Shortcut key:
ch= chain
sl st= slip stitch
dc = double crochet

- ch 5 then sl st into the beginning of chain to make a small loop
- ch 5, turn
Row #2
- dc inside the small loop ch 3 (x7)
- ch 3
- sl st in 1st chain of row
Row #3
- ch 9, turn
- dc in top of last row's dc
- ch 6 dc in top of last row's dc (x7)
- ch 6
- sl st in 1st chain of row
Row #4
- ch 4, turn
- dc under last row's chain
- ch 2 dc x5
- ch 2 dc x6 (in next 7)
- sl st in 1st chain of row
Row #5
- ch 6, turn
- dc in last row between stitch 3 and 4
- ch 4, dc between 6 and 7
- repeat pattern all around
- sl st in 1st chain of row
Row #6
- ch 6, turn
- dc, ch 4, dc ch 4 repeat
Row #7
- repeat row #6 if the round needs to get bigger  but increase each chain by 1.

*also keep in mind the next instructions for row 8 and 9 should have an increased chain as well. 

Continue until the round covers the top of the rock. I only needed to do up to Row #7. The next rounds will be decreasing. Always check when you are half way around to make sure that the rock fits inside before it gets closed too tight.

Row #8
- ch 2, turn
- 1 dc under the last 2 chains of the previous row.

*Push the crochet hook through under the chain, wrap the yarn over, pull it through, then go to the next hole/chain from the previous row and wrap the yarn over, pull it through, then wrap the yarn over and finish the dc as normal. I do this instead of skipping to decrease stitches so that you don't get as many gapes.

- ch 4, 1 dc in the last chain and next chain repeat all around

*check your rock fit. The next round will make it tight really fast.

Row #9
- ch 2, turn
- 1 dc under the last 2 chains of the previous row
- repeat pattern all around pulling the lace tight around the rock as you go.
- sl st in 1st chain of row

cut and weave end in.


Anonymous said...

This pattern is beautiful! Thank you for sharing. I made a few on smaller rocks and they turned out beautifully :-) can we say "new Addiction"? Lol!

Deborah McManus said...

I think they are a wonderful idea and they are pretty

Deborah McManus said...

That's an awesome idea and they are pretty

Ailsa Coates said...

I saw this idea in a book a couple of years ago and collected a few doily patterns I thought would work. I have never made them and my eldest daughter keeps asking me when I am going to make her some. The reason I never started was because I didn't know how to finish them off as the back was not shown in the picture and there was no pattern. Thank you for this pattern and instructions. I should have looked up the "How To" on the Internet before now.