Sunday, September 23, 2012

Cream Soda - Taste Test

It was family dinner night (with the De Winters), and after the babies went to bed me, a couple of my brothers and my parents were involved in a very lengthy conversation about cream soda! From, when was cream soda invented, to what brand of cream soda was it that we drank as kids to what is the best available brand of cream soda you can get now?

I thought I would arrange a little taste testing session for our next family dinner. I didn't realize we were such cream soda snobs. It was hilarious!

I brought out a little of each can/bottle in a wine glass for each member of my family to try. Each member then rated the cream sodas out of 10. Here are the results:

1. Henry Weinhard's
2. Jones Soda
3. Crush
4. Dad's 
5. Blue Sky
6. Zeevia

I really wanted to include Stewart's and Schwepp's, and Boylan's but I wasn't able to locate these in time. We might have to do it again...

Henry Weinhar'd bottle lid. How appropriate, for all 8 of us who tasted, we all agreed that Henry Weinhard's was our favorite by far!

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