Tuesday, September 25, 2012

20 weeks Mama style

This is week 20! I'm half way there. It is really true that the time seems to fly when it is your second pregnancy. I am feeling the baby move finally. I was surprised because I felt Ezra move at 17 weeks when I was a first time mom. It is usually supposed to be the other way around: second time moms are supposed to feel their babies move sooner than first time moms. Either way, its an exciting time to be pregnant! 

There are these beautiful sunflowers that have finally bloomed in front of out kitchen window. I hope that I will have a chance to harvest them before the frost comes. 



Outfit Details: 
- coral and lace top - thrifted
- maternity indigo jeggings - Thyme 
- moccasins - Winners
- brown belt - Old Navy
- jewellery - Pieces I Enjoy  and the locket is a retro one from my mom. 



andrea said...

Gorgeous mama! Halfway already??

Gabrielle said...

Yes Ma'am!