Thursday, April 26, 2012

1st Birthday Party

Ezra recently turned 1 this last February. At the same time, we were also just moving into my parent's new basement suite (yep we are boomerang kids). My parents graciously offered to allow us to host his party in their part of the house, since we had a ton of boxes in ours.

 We did lots of balloons, since Ezra loves them! We tied them all across the banister, on chairs, on toys, and above lamps. I wish I had more pictures of some of our decorations, but I kind of had my hands full.... to say the least.

I have a lot more appreciation for Pinterest after planning this party... Especially for planning the food. We wanted to have a classic kid's birthday party; no theme in particular, just lots of colours and fun food. We can always do themes for his party's later on.

A few items on the menu from Pinterest were:

Rainbow Fruit Skewers
Oreo Pops
Hummus and Bell Pepper Octopus

We really wanted to start a birthday tradition with our family. I found a pack of 3 foam crown from the dollar store. Each year, the idea is to add one significant item to the crown and our children get to wear their crown on their birthday during cake time. Since it was only Ezra's 1st birthday, and it was a classic party, we simply cut out a felt "E" and glued it on.

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