Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Paper Wallet - Review

I decided this project would be a good way to celebrate and kick off this blog.

So I know it is kind of cheesy, but this was the first online DIY project that I followed that I really enjoyed. I made this wallet originally for a present for my husband on our 1st year anniversary. As some of you may know, the traditional 1st year anniversary is paper (like silver is the traditional 25th year anniversary gift). When I presented it to my husband, I included tickets to see an “Islands” concert. He was very excited about it.

The DIY is on “Instructables”: one of my favorite DIY resources. Their instructions are usually easy to follow with good step by step instructions with pictures to go along with each step.

The final product was a bit gimmicky, but it was definitely worth making. I wouldn’t use it for an everyday wallet, because it’s just not big enough. However, I think it would be perfect for someone who is looking for a quirky, slim, or instant wallet.

For my project I recycled the packaging of a pack of paper! Funny that the paper is holding paper once again…

Tips: Make sure your folds and creases are as exact and sharp as possible. Take your time with these and the finished product will be

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