Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Earring Frame Display - Review

I had my first jewellery show for my PIE line this winter and was in desperate need of a way to display my many many earrings I had to sell. This project would be great for a retail situation, or for at home hanging on a wall, or on a table/dresser top. The finished product is also very versatile in the way that it will hold any type of earring (stud or earwire styles).

For my version, I used the ribbon along the top so that I could tie on rings. In the instruction’s version, found on Cut out + Keep based on a project by My-Linh T, they used the ribbon to hang the frame on a wall. This is also very lovely.


Get the mesh as taught as possible on frame! The easiest way for me to accomplish this was: 1. to staple/tac the mesh onto one side in the centre 2. then staple/tac the opposite side in the centre. 3. Then do the 3rd and 4th sides in the centre 4. Work from opposite sides, from the centre to the corners.

I used a plate holder at the show to give it more sturdiness. Or use a thick picture frame that could stand on its own.

I also used little rubber nuts on the backs of the ear hooks so people couldn’t easily take them off and run off with them.

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