Monday, February 22, 2010

New Boxes and logo for PIE!

I am super excited about my PIE boxes! Jesse cleaned up the logo and we sent it off to BC Stamp works so that they would make a stamp with it. It was very easy to do. I just e-mailed them a .JPG of the logo and presto! a beautiful rubber stamp.

I used the new stamp for my new boxes! How exciting, simple, beautiful, and eco-friendly.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Paper Doll Card - Instructions

Pretty simple, but pretty cute!

So this is my first DIY. My mom amazed me as a little girl at her ability to cut out a string of paper dolls. She first showed off her talent when I was making Valentine's Day cards for my classmates when I was in Grade 1 (OH so long ago!!).

I was recently at my brother's friend's house and showed off this paper doll talent with their little girl. She was AMAZED! You too can become a master paper doll cutter, just follow these simple instructions, and practice! Eventually you won't need to draw out or measure anything like my mom and I.

For this particular paper doll application, you will need:

Origami paper (6"x6") or other really thin paper like rice or crepe
Plain card (4"x6")
Sharp scissors
Glue stick
Sharp pencil
Envelope (optional)

Step 1:
Cut a 1.5" strip off of the Origami paper. You can draw a line on the back side of the paper with a ruler where you want to cut first.

Step 2:
Fold strip in half, right sides together. Then do a fan fold, with each section measuring 1/2". You should have 10 sections. Each section will become half of a girl. The end should be the back side up so that you can draw your design on it.

Step 3:
Draw in pencil half of a girl. The edge of the paper should be where her hands are, and the 1st crease should be the center line of her body. Make sure that you have at least the hands joined. You could also choose to have the hair join like in my picture, but it isn't necessary. To do this, draw the hands (and hari) to the edge of the paper.

Step 4:
Carefully cut along your pencil line. Don't be tempted to peek until she is all cut because the paper can tear easier this way.

Step 5:
Unfold carefully and lay flat. Ta Da!

Step 6:
Glue the paper dolls along the bottom of your card.

You could apply this same technique and make a chain of paper hearts for valentine's day. I've also cut the skirt down to make pants and pigtails off to make little boys for every other one, also very cute!

Sock Monkey - Review

I have always wanted to make a sock monkey! There are a ton of DIY instructions that you can find online, but I think I found the best one on Craftbits! The in depth and clear instructions go through step by step with pictures.

For this project my little sister was on town! We did this DIY together. We went to the Bay and found socks for $2.30! She added a cute little scarf and a mouth to her monkey. Look how cute he is!!


I know that they are long, but it is totally worth it to make sure you read and understand the instructions completely before you start! There are lots of little steps and tips you could miss out on if you don't.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Earring Frame Display - Review

I had my first jewellery show for my PIE line this winter and was in desperate need of a way to display my many many earrings I had to sell. This project would be great for a retail situation, or for at home hanging on a wall, or on a table/dresser top. The finished product is also very versatile in the way that it will hold any type of earring (stud or earwire styles).

For my version, I used the ribbon along the top so that I could tie on rings. In the instruction’s version, found on Cut out + Keep based on a project by My-Linh T, they used the ribbon to hang the frame on a wall. This is also very lovely.


Get the mesh as taught as possible on frame! The easiest way for me to accomplish this was: 1. to staple/tac the mesh onto one side in the centre 2. then staple/tac the opposite side in the centre. 3. Then do the 3rd and 4th sides in the centre 4. Work from opposite sides, from the centre to the corners.

I used a plate holder at the show to give it more sturdiness. Or use a thick picture frame that could stand on its own.

I also used little rubber nuts on the backs of the ear hooks so people couldn’t easily take them off and run off with them.

Paper Wallet - Review

I decided this project would be a good way to celebrate and kick off this blog.

So I know it is kind of cheesy, but this was the first online DIY project that I followed that I really enjoyed. I made this wallet originally for a present for my husband on our 1st year anniversary. As some of you may know, the traditional 1st year anniversary is paper (like silver is the traditional 25th year anniversary gift). When I presented it to my husband, I included tickets to see an “Islands” concert. He was very excited about it.

The DIY is on “Instructables”: one of my favorite DIY resources. Their instructions are usually easy to follow with good step by step instructions with pictures to go along with each step.

The final product was a bit gimmicky, but it was definitely worth making. I wouldn’t use it for an everyday wallet, because it’s just not big enough. However, I think it would be perfect for someone who is looking for a quirky, slim, or instant wallet.

For my project I recycled the packaging of a pack of paper! Funny that the paper is holding paper once again…

Tips: Make sure your folds and creases are as exact and sharp as possible. Take your time with these and the finished product will be